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Limited Edition

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  • Never seen before archives

  • Stony Creek Arts Scene 1960-80

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Jeff & Jeffer London explain the book
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Jeff London & Friends

Welcome to the world of Jeff London, where Caustic Merriment is the norm. This loving tribute from son to father, paints a picture of a man who made his own art and encouraged others to do so as well. He had no lesson plans, no grades, no formal pedagogy… just audacity and the belief that everyone can make art.

Shocking, seductive, curious, you may not know if you like it, or are a bit afraid of it. This was the tension that Jeff London enjoyed. If it made you feel curious, nervous or awkward, he felt the art was a success. Why not turn a page and see what’s possible for you?

Artist, Inventor or Loony Bird?

Both. Certainly. Jeff London has been called a lot of things, not all glamorous. But the most endearing term is inspiring.  We’ve been collecting anecdotes from Jeff’s students, peers and family – and have been so touched, we had to make this book. So many people's destinies were changed thanks to Jeff London's “caustic merriment.” That’s why we are putting it in writing – to keep his creative stimulus alive, and to make it available for everyone.

“A fantasy world full of strange and happy things”

Connecticut Commission for the Arts

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