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Highlights of the Facilitation impact Awards

Here are the highlights of the Facilitation Impact Awards! Very proud to be the MC of this event again this year. Three minutes that capture the music, interaction and atmosphere. Many thanks to my event team: Celeste Brito, Gillian Chambers, Julia Donohue, Paulina Venho, Rachel Song-Yeon Kim, Shalaka Gundi and Tim RW Yates for taking the awards to new heights this year! The Facilitation Impact Awards are a celebration of the impact of facilitation - and let's you meet the people behind the projects. The International Association of Facilitators (IAF) honours silver, gold or platinum projects for achieving a positive and measurable impact through excellence in facilitation. Hosted by the IAF, the awardees span the globe, and are not necessarily IAF members. #facilitationhasimpact Check-out the 30 minute event film too!

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