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How Did I Become Like This?

Telling the story of @CausticMerriment has turned into a symbol of the creativity, my father passed along to me. I’ve enjoyed the journey so much, I wrote an article about it in the Beyond Storytelling collection of essays for their conference.

This is a story about a father, son, and the trait they share—and what happens when that shared trait takes on a life of its own. The trait was passed down in words, examples, and expectations. It was developed, explored, and encouraged. The trait was not something you could see; It was invisible unless it left evidence behind. The trait is creativity. Noticed, through interaction, but little understood.

To celebrate this ephemeral trait, we decided to make something solid. An artifact symbolic of the trait, to see how it was passed from one to another. We made the message material—and this is what I invite you to do as well. For us, the shared trait became a book of visuals; what shape might your message take?

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